During 2018, great advances were made in intestinal microbiota research. With more than 50 articles published on this platform, the GMFH editing team offers them a retrospective look at what has happened over the past 12 months. The most viewed articles on www.gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com have been:

  1. Scientists discover a possible link between intestinal microbiota and autoimmune diseases (5,720 visits)
  2.          Infographics: Bifidobacteria, the “heroines of health” of the intestinal microbiota (2,854 visits)
  3.           Video: “Know your microbiome” – An educational resource to better understand the gut microbiota (2,833 visits)
  4.          Video: How do foods affect our intestine? A TED-ed lesson by Shilpa Ravella (2,579 visits)
  5.         Video: What is the relationship between intestinal microbiota and brain? (2,372 visits)
  6.          Can our intestinal bacteria affect our brain? What is known today (1,815 visits)
  7.          New recommendations from the WGO to take care of our intestinal microbiota through diet (1,599 visits)
  8.          Video: «The charm of the intestine» – TEDx Talk by Giulia Enders (1,565 visits)
  9.          Tryptophan and a bacterium from the gut microbiota could help to stop inflammation (1,439 visits)
  10.         The bacteria of the oral cavity present in the intestinal microbiota could cause digestive diseases (1,445 visits)

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