Dr Santiago Zelenay, CRUK Manchester Institute, UK & Dr Ravid Straussman, Weizmann Institute, Israel

We are pleased to announce this exciting new PhD opportunity at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute and the Weizmann Institute, Israel.

Immunotherapies hold great potential for improving cancer patient outcomes. However, we do not fully understand why some patients respond to therapy while others do not. We know that inflammation can both speed up and slow down tumour progression and can both promote and limit the response to immunotherapy. Different types of intratumoural inflammatory responses occur, but the instructive signals that dictate the ‘flavour’ of inflammation within the tumour bed are poorly defined. Dr Santiago Zelenay’s (CRUK Manchester Institute, University of Manchester) and Dr Ravid Straussman (Weizmann Institute) propose to tackle this central gap in knowledge building on recent ground-breaking work from their teams. Within this framework, the main aim of this PhD project will be to investigate the interplay between the intratumoural inflammatory response and the tumour microbiome with the overarching goal of providing new insights into the principles that dictate immunotherapy outcomes. The successful candidate will undertake this 4-year research project by combining the expertise established in the Zelenay & Straussman research groups at the CRUK Manchester Institute, UK and the Weizmann Institute, Israel.

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