IGEN BIOTECH FOOD is developing a novel class of therapies that modulate pathways of interaction between the human microbiome and the host immune system.
While food companies have commercialized probiotics for years, the typical organisms in yogurt do not survive long term in the human gut and their effects on human health are inconsequential. IGEN BIOTECH FOOD approach represents a radical departure from food probiotics: we focus on communities of organisms that are essential dwellers of the gut ecosystem.

Our body is home to trillions of microbes (collectively, our human microbiome) that play important roles in metabolism, development of the immune system, and intestinal homeostasis. Research on the human microbiome is transforming our understanding of a broad range of human diseases. Microbiome imbalances are being associated with a growing number of autoimmune, infectious, and metabolic diseases, and in some cases have been shown to have an important role in driving the pathology.