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IGEN BIOLAB GROUP brings microbiological science to the discovery and development of new therapeutic products

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Igen Biolab Group

Science for people

IGEN BIOLAB GROUP has established a set of indicators in a clinical phase of development, focused on the study of the impact of the human microbiota in the prevention and treatment of cancer, and on neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases.

The R&D facilities of IGEN BIOLAB GROUP include technical areas of cultivation and in vitro testing of microorganisms, proteomics technologies, based on mass spectrometry to identify, characterize and quantify protein profiles in various biological, biomedical and metabolomic samples for the detection and quantification of small molecules (metabolites) in biological materials, focusing on microbiomics and on the use of DNA microarray technology to address the complexities of human environmental microbiological ecology.

IGEN BIOLAB GROUP specializes in protein production, bacterial characterization, and the development of manufacturing processes that are optimized for robust large-scale production. IGEN BIOLAB GROUP’s commitment to medical progress goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to our patients: everyone who can benefit from our findings should have the opportunity to do so. This promise extends to physicians and to the community of all those that are involved in patient care.


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